Meet our volunteers, past and present!  Click on each picture to read about our volunteers and how they served in the island communities.  If you are interested in volunteering with MAHI International, please contact us!

MAHI family 2013
Eye Team
Chapman Cochran
Ryan Goldring
Alex and Ryan Froom
Ophthalmology Team 2014
Krystal, Adrienne, Asher
MAHI team 2015-2016
MAHI team 2013-2014
Chapman Cochran
Peter Gille
June 2011 Team
Ben and Fran Schroer
Caitlin Terukina & Ruthie Holmes
Jason Huchinson
Katie Schroer
Jeff Georges
Ana Gille
Kat, Madison, Kyara
Josh Thompson
Yoon family and dental assistants
Danny and Chris
dental team with Dr. Sang Yoon
Catherine Tambunan
MAHI team 2014-2015
Josh Srikureja
Alex Belko
Carla Hegwood
Chapman Cohran
Amy Parker
Drew Robinson
Dr. John Marelli
Alyssa Leland
Jeffrey Georges
education specialists
MAHI team 2015-2016
Jen Silva
Ophthalmology Mission Team 2016
Stacey with local co-workers
MAHI volunteers 2015-2016_edited
Ophthalmology Mission Team 2014
Ophthalmology Assessment & Diabetes Education Team
Chris Doellerer
Betty Jo Wresch
volunteer betty jo bob jeff nick
Caitlin Hanson
Diabetes Education Team 2014
Catherine Tambunan
Diabetes Education Team 2015
container packers
Ruthie Holmes
Asher Bolejack
Kristine Caraig
Nick Boyer
Education Program volunteers 2013
Asher Bolejack and Adrienne Brezovic
volunteers build housing for Sapwuafik english program
summer ophthalmology suppovolunteers