MAHI International came to be simply through the inspiration of experience.  After years of visiting the Micronesian Islands, working there, and learning to love the people and their culture, founder John Schroer, along with several other dedicated and passionate individuals, developed a great awareness of the needs of the people in these communities. 


MAHI International, which stands for Missions Across His Islands, is a Christian-driven non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based out of Southern California.  We welcome you to learn more about the heart of MAHI International.

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John Schroer

Executive Director & Founder

John Schroer first visited Micronesia in 2001.  Since then, he has been traveling throughout the Micronesian islands, coordinating projects and volunteer teams to assist the people in the areas of healthcare and education.  By September 2004, John's passion and calling helped him establish MAHI International, Inc.  John has a background in health and wellness management, and emergency medical and fire service. 

Kat Schroer

Education Program Director

As an educator, Kat first served in Micronesia as a teacher and administrator.  Her love of serving others and working overseas brought her to a partnership in life with John. She trains and works with volunteer and local teachers to serve in the island schools.  Kat has taught in general education and special education classrooms.  Her background also includes psychology, curriculum development and instruction, and teaching English language learners. 

Miller Benjamin

Senior Education Specialist


With over 30 years of experience in the local schools and classrooms as an educator and a principal, Miller Benjamin offers a wealth of information not only of the Micronesian culture but of the most effective practices to best educate the young people of his island nation. 

P. Benjamin Schroer

Medical Program Director

Dr. Peter Benjamin Schroer is no stranger to the islands.  Nearly 16 years ago he made his first trip to Micronesia and has been returning ever since, serving in both education and healthcare programs.  MAHI International is pleased to have Dr. Schroer's continued influence and direction on the medical aspects of our organization. 

Betty Jo Wresch

Diabetes Specialist

Betty Jo Wresch has over 20 years experience working in the Micronesian islands as an RN and a diabetes educator.  Over the past 10 years she has been visiting Pohnpei State to educate the community members and healthcare professionals on diabetes treatment and prevention.  

Denessa Jacob

Administrative Assistant


As a local Micronesian, Denessa is an essential part of our team as we work with the people to develop their healthcare and education. Besides keeping things together in the office, Denessa works side-by-side our mission outreach teams. Denessa endeavors to be a nurse who will continue to serve her people.  


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