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Ophthalmology Mission Team 2014

Ophthalmology Mission Team 2014

Here is a picture of the ophthalmic mission team embarking on their voyage from mainland Pohnpei to the outer island of Satawan in the Mortlocks, Chuuk. These faces consist of teams representing the University of Utah's Moran Eye Center, the Guam SDA Eye Clinic, and MAHI International. In Satawan, they successfully served over 200 members in this island community! Since returning to mainland Pohnpei on Tuesday, this same mission group has been serving at the Pohnpei State Hospital performing eye surgeries and assessment.


Here’s a personal story shared by our director about a patient getting treated by the opthalmology mission team:

A boy named Sailor, age 26, came in completely blind. When he was 19 yrs old he had a accident that gave him cataracts. Since then he has not been able to see anything. Today we took his eye patches off and he was so excited. The first thing he wanted to do was tell everyone that now he can get a job and work to support his family. It was so great to see how eye sight changed his world! He was crying tears of joy!

~ John Schroer, MAHI International Executive Director

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