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Volunteering Throughout the Communities of Pohnpei

Volunteer Jeffrey Georges shares about healthy living with elementary school students.

Health & Wellness Education

MAHI International volunteers stay involved in the communities of Pohnpei in addition to teaching English in elementary classrooms. Volunteer Jeff Georges (pictured on the left) coordinates health and wellness education in schools and in 3 at-risk island communities. In addition, Jeff teaches tango weekly to encourage an active lifestyle.

Medical Volunteers Serve in Pohnpei

Our volunteers continue to be participants with Pohnpei State Health Services. Alex Belko has been assisting in the physical therapy department at the Pohnpei State Hospital. Caitlin Hanson is serving at the Pohnpei State Dental Clinic. She is also volunteering with the World Health Organization where she helps facilitate a salt-reduction program.

Alex Belko
Caitlin Hanson


This year, all MAHI International volunteers serve as life guards at the National Olympic Committee pool. In the picture to the left, children are learning to swim with volunteer coach and MAHI International volunteer Nick Boyer.

Nick Boyer teaches children how to swim.

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