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Education Program: Year 3 Begins!

April teaches English to a student using iPad tablet computers.

We have our new Education Team on the island of Pohnpei, and this week we've launched the 3rd year of our English as a Second Language Reading Program in our 4 adopted schools. We are tracking the English development of the 8th grade classes, having assessed them in our program since their 6th grade year. The result so far is an astounding improvement on the students' English proficiency because of the efforts of our team in the classrooms and the effective use of iPads as a teaching tool. This school year, we have the privilege of introducing this same program to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders in these schools. We anticipate a positive response from our students as they work -- in a fun and innovative way using technology -- to combat the difficulties they face to learn the language that will provide their future access to higher education. We are grateful again for the commitment of our local senior educator Miller Benjamin and his undying dedication to the quality education of his people. In addition, we extend this appreciation to our volunteer English instructors. Without the service they provide in our schools, the work cannot be done.

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