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Volunteers and Their Work

Volunteer English instructors introducing the new program in a local classroom using iPad computers.

Jennifer Silva, a student at Loma Linda University, has been working with MAHI International to collect data from Pohnpei's 5 municipalities. This data focuses on 3 themes: knowledge about nutrition, attitudes about food, and the communities' perception on health. This research will be used to target how how the Micronesian culture influences dietary preferences, identify appropriate measures for proposed program planning, and document attitudes for use with MAHI International's work in these island communities.


We are happy to include Alyssa Leland from Thousand Oaks, CA to our team in the healthcare sector of our organization. Ms. Leland is serving at the Kolonia Clinic, working in the lab, triaging, taking vital signs, and doing veinpunctures, etc. Leland is also working for the Family Planning Clinic, assisting in prenatal and postnatal care.


MAHI International is fortunate to have 4 volunteer English instructors working under our local educators Miller Benjamin and Maskie Jim. With the help of Pacific Union College students Jose Karry, Lindsey Henning, Evan Smith, and Meena Kim, our iPad program has been introduced into the local classroom. We believe these iPad computers and their English apps are effective teaching tools to improve the English deficiency we've found among the junior high students in our 4 adopted schools.

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