Chiropractic Services in Micronesia

Throughout the month of August and into early September, MAHI International hosted Dr. John Marelli, a chiropractor from New Jersey who wanted to introduce the islanders to the alternative form of healthcare. Dr. Marelli, who has been a chiropractor for over 30 years, contacted many non-profit organizations around the world searching for the opportunity to serve. During his time in Micronesia, Dr. Marelli conducted approximately 1500 adjustments, speaking and introducing chiropractic medicine across the islands of Pohnpei, Pakin Atoll and Pingelap. Reflecting on his travels throughout the islands, Dr. Marelli said, “I was always treated like a family member wherever I traveled and was welcomed home.” Dr. Marelli, affectionately known as “Dr. John” on the islands, hopes to come back and serve throughout Micronesia. Ultimately, Dr. John hopes that the College of Micronesia will start a chiropractic program to graduate native chiropractors. MAHI would like to thank Dr. John for his service and looks forward to seeing him again soon! [SEE PICTURES]


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