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Health Volunteer Team to Serve on the Island of Pohnpei

During the week of June 13, a team of 14 individuals will be serving the island of Pohnpei.  Join in on the mock casualty exercise and the health fair!

During the week of June 13, MAHI International will be bringing in a team of 14 volunteers that will consist of nurse educators, American Heart Association Basic Life Support and Advance Cardiac Life Support instructors, respiratory therapists, and firefighters/paramedics. This team is under the leadership of Krystal Ball (ICU nurse & nurse educator) from Bakersfield, California who assisted MAHI International in November 2009 with the first American Heart Association Basic Life Support training in Pohnpei. She is returning with a team of 14 individuals this time to serve the island in the following ways: 1) American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare providers A team will be training and re-certifying 250 healthcare providers & airport fire rescue and security personnel. 2) fire disaster training; mock mass casualty exercise On Thursday, June 16 at 2PM, the team’s firefighters will be educating and assisting in a mock mass casualty exercise (airplane crash) to help Pohnpei to prepare for the FAA exercise later this year. Pohnpei Port Authority is needing 150 volunteer victims to simulate the crash. If you are interested, please contact airport operations assistant Jayson Ringlen at Pohnpei Port Authority (320-2793). 3) diesel engineer visiting for the week All week, a diesel engineer will be working on the Department of Public Safety’s firetrucks and the Pohnpei State Hospital’s generator. 4) nurses and physicians training at the hospital every day Every day, the volunteer team will be training nurses and physicians at the Pohnpei State Hospital, focusing on diabetes, respiratory therapy, heart disease and stroke. This team will be doing an initial ICU assessment for the hospital. 5) small scale remodeling project at the Pohnpei State Hospital 6) Health Fair - Wednesday, June 15 from 12PM to 5PM at the State Government building MAHI International will be conducting a health fair for the community. We are inviting other health related government and non-government organizations. The College of Micronesia will be having booths for health careers. Bring your children to the Kids Korner and a team of volunteers will teach them basic CPR and the; your children will be involved in games, fun activities, and prizes! All who join can participate in our raffle; we will be raffling out a brand-new flat-screen television and other raffle items!

For additional information or to participate in the health fair, please contact John Schroer at 921-1800.

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